Resources For Single Moms
There are many challenges facing young single mothers. They include issues of health care for their children and themselves, nutrition, safe and affordable housing and transportation, parenting skills, self-esteem and self-discipline, birth control and STD’s, goal setting, training/education and employment, child care, and money management. Sadly, for some, there are also issues involving domestic violence and other crimes.


The creators of this web site make no claim to expertise in dealing with any of these issues, although they have experienced several of them. We recognize that each situation is different, and encourage young single mothers to explore and utilize services available through public and non-profit human services organizations in their community. Above all, we encourage young single mothers to build marketable skills through education, and to use those skills in employment that benefits them and their children.


Community colleges are excellent places to begin this process. They offer a wide range of educational programs that can be completed in two years or less, have comparatively low tuition costs, and flexible course scheduling.


The following web sites may also prove useful:


Parenting is hard work. It is especially difficult for young single mothers facing a variety of serious challenges. It is important to remember that you are not alone, even though it may feel that way at times. There are many others like you who have successfully overcome the obstacles, and who have created stable and rewarding lives for themselves and their children. With focus and effort, you can do this, too.


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